2WALLS   is a { place } , { space } , { stage } , {...} , for Werkplaats Typografie students and alumni hosted by Eva van Bemmelen. 2WALLS is now at the new location of Werkplaats Typografie : Tweede Leeghwaterstraat 5B, Amsterdam.

Werkplaats Typografie, Amsterdam: Tweede leeghwaterstraat 5, Amsterdam.

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Next up: 16.12.2023 — YARA VELOSO & MICHA PRINSEN

Archive: 2walls
18.11–14.12.23 'In Search of the Right Angle'— NICK SHEERAN
27.10–16.11.23 'Magic (or something less assuring)'— QIHANG LI & VENNICA SIDIBANGA KASEYE
30.07–30.08.23 'Irregular Vibrations'— SEDA YILDIRIM
25.05–15.06.23 'It is White'— YAQI YANG
04.05–24.05.23 'Ahead'— NICOLAI SCHMELLING
13.04–03.05.23 '(B) is for Book, (A) is for Apple and a space in between'— COME GUERIF
23.03–13.04.23 'You are the chosen one'— MAXIM PREAUX
02.03–22.03.23 'Myself, For instance; an entire dramatic company'— MANON FRASER
19.12–19.01.23 'Cyan, magenta and yellow in red, green and blue'— JAN-PIETER KARPER
17.11–08.12.22 'ofcourse you know it (common place)'— CHIARA SIMION
27.10–17.11.22 'A wound, disembodied'— PHILIPP HESSELBERGER
01.10–23.10.22 'Being Part European'— MIRELLE VAN TULDER
04.08–18.08.22 'Looking Glasses'— NATNAPAT JUBB
09.06–09.07.22 'Turn Page'— EVA VAN BEMMELEN
03.05–23.05.22 'Amor(ph)'— TREES HEIL
14.04–30.04.22 'Tomber dans les Pommes'— EMMA HAZEN
24.03–14.04.22 'col├║mbidos no graznan'— ORIOL CABARROCAS
03.03–23.03.22 'A box for 2 Walls'— ARMAND MEVIS
10.02–20.02.22 'Dance of Shadows'— YOUNG EUN PARK

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